And so it begins…

Hello Earthlings and H2-flexi (my home planet)

Hopefully this will be the first of many posts to what will be a small thought bubble of what’s going on inside the lazy lungoo’s mind, if you’re already thinking “I should’ve never started reading this” ,you are probably right but now that you have, I am going to give u a taste how it feels to be Awesome 🙂

I think every post to every blog in every country by every person or really clever monkey should always be accompanied by either a picture relating to those strange words or not, not related that is…
Instead, I am going to include a picture And a little sound clip of me singing the entire post in a C minor or whatever the voice of a tiger angel should sound like.

Most of you should be considering yourselves lucky as the only people privileged enough to have heard this voice has been my immediate family who is always trying to leave to find more people worthy of hearing me, as soon as I begin.
And yes, I am serious and yes I am a third angel and a third tiger.

Seeing as this is my first blog ever, I’m not going to type much so as to allow your brains to prepare for the mind humping it’s going to receive from here on out.

Over and out
Yours truly
BadaBing BadaBang
Till next time

The Lazy Lungoo

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