Baby Steps

Here goes everything 🙂

Day 2 on my journey to Greatness…

Its exam season and I find myself sitting in front of the tv more and more. Any reason to not look at a blue line filled page   will attempt doing it. It ranged from staring deeply into the back of my fridge hoping a portal would open up to a fridge somewhere ,where I could just step into it, take all the packs of juice boxes i need and be gone without being noticed. Sadly for me though, every time I do, there’s always someone around to stop me from entering a fridge hypnosis and sends me back to the dreaded blue lines.

I figured the first thing I posted should be something so epic that when you look at it, the back of your eyes can’t contain themselves and spin around for a few seconds and I think I might have just achieved that 🙂

If you noticed that her lace was untied, I’m sorry to report that you need glasses mate 😉



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