Bar Refaeli

After hearing that name alone, most of you should not even be wanting to read this post about our !st ever babe of the week, you should be wanting to scrool down to the pictures, save and zoom in while your brain turns to mush and all you can mutter are words that sound like ‘goo goo ga ga’

This weeks BABE OF THE WEEK is none other than the Israeli Jew, Bar herself.  With her modeling career started at the age of 14 , it makes me wish I was born in her hometown of Hod Hasharon (which sounds a lot like Borat trying to say how hot Sharon Stone is) .

By the age of 18 she had already won model of the year in Israel. An easy feat for someone who was already modeling from the time she could walk in baby commercials. Here’s Bar at 18, later you see her at 26 years old where she melts my eyes everytime I see em.

Refaeli was voted #57 in 2010 and #42 in 2008 in the FHM hottest women list.
This toit toiger isn’t only just sexy , she also agreed to do a free campaign under the slogan “One Bag Less” to reduce the use of plastic bags and in August 2010, she decided to write a special report with the collaboration of Better Place on why she believes that people should drive electric cars. Babe with Brains 😀

Enough of that , here’s my Babe of the week in 2 of my best pics Ever 🙂

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