It aint monday anymore !

Beastie boys are Baaaccckkk !!!
taken of their new album titled Hot Sauce committee part 2, this is the first single accompanied by a video called Make some noise, now those that havnt heard the beastie boys before,, take some time off your busy schedule to first give this track a listening toi before watchin their latest video



now my children , you are almost ready to be wowed by their latest creation. now the version i saw was just a 5 minute clip which was Epic to say the least, imagine my eye orgasm when i found out they released a 30 minute short movie to accompany their latest album, Eye Orgasm of Note !!!

Directed by Spike Lee, featuring everybody you could think of who could make you laugh even in a silent movie or just looking at a pic of them. To my lazyLungoo’lians 🙂 happy Monday !!!




and heres the short video i saw that blew my mind… i am still speechless , it doesnt feel like a monday anymore !!!



the 2 videos below are what i found that are def worth a watch also 🙂

The National – Conversation 16

The new pornographers – Moves

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