Squeeze tomatoes and 5 tracks *****

here it comes…

thelazylungoo would like to apologise for being so delayed with posts over the past 2 weeks that I’ve decided to give you a portion of my secret stash of music to get your feet tigger bouncing and arms kasie squeezing because i have been assured that it’s probably going to be the next big thing after shuffling 🙂

I couldn’t find download links for all 5 of my tracks for your free pirates, but i managed to get 2 and it’s probably my top 2 so wherever you are high-5 your couch for keeping you , me and a bazillion other people lazy and loving it 🙂




first up , def a super inland knights jam to start you off on the bouncing path to the weekend 🙂

and the here’s a link to the download

Inland Knights – Bust this



next up , yet again pleasurekraft is using magical school bus vibez to enter our heads through our eardrums to take us on a magical journey using their trademark woo’s and waa’s and this a time an extra side portion of anticipation for the 1st break 🙂

download link for this track:

Pleasurekraft – Anubis (Original mix)


and here goes my 3 other tracks that should round-up a superMazang 5 part fresh squeeze of beats and jams to keep you interested in the upcoming weekend even if you just got fired and are hacking into your old line’s wi-fi from across the car park…



after hearing that steve muk track , I went straight to google to find out more and if you are loving his bass lines and vibrating drops check out ADDICTED TO BASS 2011







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