Oh where , oh where has the lazy lungoo gone ?

Stop flinging fruit.

Stop paying people to fling fruit on your behalf.

THE LAZY LUNGOO has returned!

It’s been over 365 days since my last post. I could give you an excuse, detailing what kept me away from all forms of technology for such a long time, but I won’t. Principally because most of my life is inspired by the following famous words of Albert Einstein:

“Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its’ creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little, falls into lazy habits of thinking.”

If I am inspired by them & I am a self-proclaimed textbook example of lazy, by default (you frequenting this blog) you are a lazy Lungoo too.

I can now feel the people of internet land, after having a blog-iphany, breathing down my neck, sighing into my ear their feelings that they finally felt they could relate with Time magazines person of the century (1999), that after so many years of admiration they saw something relatable in a man that has changed the way we live today. Only to feel an overwhelming sense of indifference just a paragraph later, after realising that they are they still reading, with the urge to continue.

Friends, do not overthink this too much because even though I provide you with these pieces to read, which might be longer than a sentence at a time, there will always be internet gems in the middle of it all, that I have meticulously chosen to share with you.

I will always aim to inspire.
Even if that inspiration is merely extra scrolling and extra clicking while surfing the vast matrix coloured waves in magnificent world of the internets, it is a one of a kind inspiration nonetheless.
It is the kind of inspiration that I would like to be known worldwide one day.
A kind of inspiration that gets people off their chairs and out their beds just to air punch and jump up to click their heels because of something they were exposed to on the LAZY LUNGOO.

Seeing as though I have been gone for such a long time and because my bandwidth is limited, I will now direct you to what I truly call a gem that I have found over the past year.


It definitely does not need a description, just head on over to it and try out the RANDOM VIDEO mode just to get started. If the first video you are directed to is a video of a hyperactive baby goat, you may hi-5 yourself for reaching the first of thousands of peaks of Wimp’s legendary ability to keep even a pensioner with a dial up modem wanting more.

Another video which definitely is worth watching is old spice’s new flip on awesome, but first I ask you to watch this small video from White Chicks with the Wayans brothers.

Here you go:

That’s all for today.
Alas, I rediscovered my passion in a bit of a busy period for me. However, I will be keeping you in the loop on a weekly basis. Whether it be from my laptop or droid, it will happen.

Before I leave you all , here’s my little teaser for those who used to look forward to the gallery run of Funny Hoo Haa pictures :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s just a small sample from the fake science series which you can find at
Fake science – for when the facts are too confusing

Have a smooth Humpday LazyLungooers 🙂

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