Part 1 : Take all my money !

Occasionally I find gems on the wonderful internets, beam rainbows out my eyes while I do the canned heat dance, bookmark the page and move on.
I am going to stop this as of right now…

I stopped.

In a week where nobody managed to guess all 7 numbers in the national lottery, meaning that it would be rolled over, creating a winning pot of R 16,500,000.00 .I dreamt of what I would do/buy if I did find myself alone in a room with an extra-large cheque made out to me. After a whole hour, literally an entire hour, I went through all the wonderful gems that I came across while surfing the internets. Then I remembered the couch scrolling population and put this lil beaut together.
Now I will be sharing with you, Part 1 of my magnificently outrageous wish list seeing as though ke-December is slowly creeping up on all of us.

No seriously, you will be like fry at the end of part 2 or even after the first item.

Have you ever wanted to walk into a fancy schmancy event, one where you just knew a few people and those people that you actually did know were nonchalant enough to go along with whatever shenanigans you had planned? Imagine having a different look on for each of the guests you just get introduced to? Imagine that different look being lots of kick-ass P.I.M.P balling moustaches?

If you just said to yourself that this is the worst idea ever, stop reading, go to the mirror and slap yourself upside the head. Put some baby powder in your hand before you because you deserve it.

BOOM! A moustache for any occasion. Need I say more?

Click here to go buy that hairy gem.

ASIMO is arguably one of Japans most famous humanoid robots. If you have been under a rock since the age of (insert the age where you first decided to live under a rock here), go over to and check it out a little before you look at the next item on my Christmas wishlist.

KA-BOOM! You can do anything you like at home, even water the garden while in an ASIMO suit. Not only will you look like a total Badass but you will confuse the complete shyte out of anybody who drives past. They’ll be thinking, “Oh my soul, that badass Greg has a robot that waters his garden. What’s that? That bad ass robot is now dancing and juggling at the same time?” I might have taken that dream a little too far but hey, when in japan.

Click here to buy the robot suit of your dreams.

Now anybody who has seen those gypsy caravans on the side of the road, raise your hand. (Assuming your hand is raised) Haven’t you ever wondered what mysterious trickery is going on behind that aluminium exterior? Haven’t you ever wanted to just rub that crystal ball to feel what a gypsy feels? Even up till today, those magic vans still intrigue me every time I spot one on the side of North rand road.

I found a way to hit those 2 birds with 1 stone, and by stone I mean a few dollars.

You can now own a crystal ball of your own AND beam images of your gran giving you money when she asks to see what just arrived in the mail.

Watch how it works over here:

Click here to go and buy it.

The next one does not need any short descriptions of why you might need it.
It just needs two points to be outlined:
1) Its R2D2
2) He projects a 10 000 star planetarium onto your ceiling while you sleep

Watch how R2D2 works his magic over here:

Click here to get an R2D2 shipped to you right now.

Before I continue onto my next item, feel free to kill some alien scum (click here). Don’t worry, it will open up in an additional screen so you don’t lose the spot where you stopped reading.

Now take a look at this bad boy.

Now I hear a few of you space invader “fans” shouting that all it does is give you time and look cool. What more do you want from a space invading watch?! It’s definitely one of the best looking wrist pieces I’ve seen since my first year of college where my rat crew partner(a story for another day) wore a watch worth more than 3 of our college tuition fees put together but that too, is a story for another day.

Click here to find details to the watch here

and here to try and buy it(seeing as though a lot of people already have) – the official site

Now, because I have declared to never abandon my lazylungoos again(with the exception to the human race losing all forms of communication because of an inter-stellar explosion), here is a wrist piece for those of you that want a whole lot more from a watch. A wrist piece for those of you that love to be constantly notified of any social network movements. A wrist piece that

I present to you the Sony smart watch.

Click here to find it on the Sony website

Finally I like to end of with 3 things that just popped into my memory again just before I posted this:
The hungover cookbook

Click here to get it
Get it before you wake up again feeling like you slept in a vodka bottle

Moustache party glasses

Click here to get it
(because everybody needs to feel like a sir while drinking a classy bottle of pinotage)

And the greatest hoodie ever :
A Chewbacca hoodie

Click here to get it

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